Specialty course

Becoming The Whitening Specialist

The Whitening Specialist will be committed to running the office’s whitening program, including handling all whitening patients and their treatment. The ideal candidate for this position is motivated, possesses leadership qualities and administrative skills, and is someone with strong communication and interpersonal skills to ensure superior patient care and satisfaction. This is a demanding and highly REWARDING position! This individual will be responsible for patient treatment planning, performance of all whitening services, including pre-operative and post-operative appointments, scheduling, and will maintain close communication with the doctor(s).
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Pre-Filled Whitening Tray

Pre-filled at-home trays are another option for whitening treatments. They can be used as a stand alone treatment or supplement in-office whitening. Ideal for cost-conscious patients or those who would like to whiten more simply, prefilled tray whitening maintains dental supervision while offering the convenience of over-the-counter treatments.
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Custom Tray Whitening

Patient instructions are essential to optimizing whitening results, as well as providing patients with the tools and information necessary to perform their own whitening procedures at home. That said, provide patients with a letter like the one below after in-office whitening or prior to at-home whitening treatments to ensure that patients maximize whitening effects.