Maximizing Insurance Reimbursement For Orthodontic Procedures

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Course features
  • Author: Shannon Pace Brinker
  • Level: Any
  • Downloads and Checklist Available
  • Video time:  2 hours 
  • Exams:1 exam 
Course overview
 Successful treatment acceptance is critical for increasing practice production and having a more rewarding and fulfilling business. Converting more prospects into paying patients is a learned skill, with the proper knowledge, tools, and with practice.
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Certification included
• Gain understanding for dental insurance plans and appropriate questions to ask to determine patient’s eligibility and benefits.
• Understand the sequence of Invisalign appointments, what should happen at each appointment, and codes that reflect the appointment to maximize patients’ insurance benefits.
• Learn how to correct verbiage and documentation to include in narratives for claims for more prompt payment from insurance and more!!!